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Our Studios are located north of Santiago, at 15-20 minutes from Downtown and most hotels.
Our facilities, house our camera and lighting warehouse, plus two studios, cafeteria, make up rooms, production spaces, rest rooms, and meeting rooms.
Below, a brief information on spaces and services:

STUDIO 1: Floor plan 400m2, (17 x 24 mts.) ‐ 4,300fT2 (55' x 78') 8mt. High (26') 3 ‐ face cyclorama: 6mts. X 17mts. X 6mts (19' x 55' x19') Balcony, Film load room, private meeting room. Large make-up room, rest rooms showers, dressing room Props area: 5mts. X17mts. (16' x 55')

STUDIO 2: Floor plan 170M2, (10mts x 17mts) – 1,830fT2 (32' x 55') 5mts. High (16') 3 ‐ face cyclorama: 3mts. X 10mts. X 4mts. (10' x 32' x1 3') Professional Kitchen, Small make-up room.

Our neighborhood is semi industrial, silent, close from the airport, but far from air ways. A major shopping mall, supermarkets, and hardware stores are two blocks away.